Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

Are you 13 yrs. or older, and looking for community service opportunities, meaningful work, elective credit for your transcript, a place to have fun and meet friends, or a place to complete your senior project?  The ADCG offers many opportunities at all levels!

Garden Corps are paid youth interns who have shown exceptional leadership initiative, completed a previous summer of the YLP, who have agreed to meet specific expectations and attendance requirements, and who have been selected from a competitive group of youth applicants.  Garden Corps are hired to take higher leadership roles within the program, and especially mentoring other youth, and work year-round.

Seed Crew & Harvest Crew are volunteer youth 13 and older who will do awesome garden projects, learn all about organic gardening, teach others, learn to make healthy meals together, and have fun every day!  They will learn, practice and model  good interpersonal communication & feedback skills.  Through a series of educational workshops, youths will gain an understanding of global and local food systems, and learn about a variety of gardening topics.

  • Garden Corps Year-round            Paid, competitive position- ready to help make a difference?
  • Seed Crew  July 10-July 27          Help get the garden growing!
  • Harvest Crew  July 31-Aug 17    Get ready for harvest time!

A healthy and sustainable food future depends on people who know how to grow food, and who can understand and teach others about food systems.  We invite youths who want to positively impact their communities and help feed others.

FMI please contact the Executive Director, Rocky Crockett, at 207-346-0708 or email

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     Youth Leadership Agreement   

   Youth Leadership Job Expectations